Mission Statement

Create a community based place in a home setting which will be a model of sustainable living practices where children shall experience life, themselves, and nature by way of a Play Based, diverse and integrated environmental curriculum carefully written to inspire physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and creative development.  Our focus is to cultivate nurturing relationships among children, caregivers, and families,  as well as the local and global communities while we empower lifelong learners.

I live my Vision keeping children in touch with sun. soil, water and air. We keep our hands busy and our hearts engaged with real dough, paints, plants and animals, organic gardens and wholesome food. We Inspire a love for reading, math, science, arts and music. We nourish mind, body, spirit, of each child as they explore and discover the world around them. What a wonderful world it is. Namaste

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Earth's Creations

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A Playful Learning Community


My teaching philosophy stems from a play based emergent curriculum framework.  I believe that creative expression and play are the roots for cognitive, physical, and socio-emotional development in early childhood years.  I value an integrated curriculum that spreads into all subjects including language, arts, health, math and science.  As a result of combining learning in this fashion, dynamic engagement and creative play are inspired.  With care and attention, strong child, family and community relationships are built. 
     When the indoor and outdoor environments are especially prepared and children are supplied with age appropriate materials of interest, children will intrinsically begin to explore their surroundings and learn about themselves and their environment through hands on experience.  This is especially true when children are given large blocks of time to get deep into play.
     My experience includes caring for infants, teaching girl scouts, preschool, and elementary children.  I am currently active in parent and teacher education in the early childhood education community as a contractor responsible for presenting and facilitating seminars and workshops demonstrating the benefits, ease and deep value of orchestrating a living science curriculum.
     My niche is environmental education.  Natural resources are the reason for our survival on this planet.  I believe that the early years are the crucial times to expose children to experiences with our air, land and water resources.  Children innately appreciate the beauty of nature and learn much about themselves and the world through ecology.  It is a privilege to have your children in my life.

Tara Smoot Nasmyth

Environmental Education Specialist

Owner Operator of

Earth's Creations Ecology School

Family Child Care

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email: ecesfcc@mac.com


Education and Certifications

San Jose State University

Bachelors of Science Environmental Studies 2003

Masters of Arts work done at New College of California SF 2005

Commission on Teacher Credentialing Child Development 

Teacher Permit and Site Supervisor permit 2006

Licensed large family childcare provider

Pediatric CPR and 1st Aid certified